About JEM

The current economic downturn has led to significant rises in unemployment across the EU countries. Partners in the United Kingdom, Spain and France are seeing high figures of unemployment and it is therefore becoming increasingly important to ensure that all citizens are provided with high quality training in employability and job seeking. For new migrants this is important as the group is particularly at risk of unemployment. Language barriers and lack of knowledge about job seeking and skill requirements can make it difficult to find work. In a situation where competition is strong new migrants are at greater risk of unemployment and, as a result, can become isolated from the community.

VET trainers and employment agencies can make a significant contribution to improving employability amongst migrants by tailoring support and training to the specific needs of the group. By focussing on the problems faced by new migrants, VET trainers can ensure that migrants are better prepared for employment in their new country and better prepared to compete in the job market.


JEM aims to support VET trainers/organisations and employment agencies to develop and share best practice in providing high quality, practical job seeking support to new and/or temporary migrants. The project aims to do this through a series of workshops covering themes which will focus on specific tools and interventions for working with the target group. Themes include: Soft Skills Development, Language Skills, Self-Employment, Multi-Cultural Learning and Coaching Skills for Trainers.

The knowledge shared will be added to this wiki throughout the project, ("Facillitators Guide: Practical Support for New Migrants in Job Seeking/ Employability") to support a wider audience of VET trainers in working with new migrants. We will cover each of the workshop themes focusing on tools and interventions for working with the target group and the continuing professional development of those working with the target audience. 


JEM's objectives are:

  • To bring together partners from labour departments, Chambers of Commerce and VET to share best practice in supporting new migrants in developing skills for job seeking/employability.
  • To increase knowledge of organisations about the tools/interventions available for working with migrants.
  • To share tools and interventions in order to understand how they can be delivered and the impact they have on individuals.
  • To provide quality assurance and peer learning for staff working with the target group.
  • To facilitate cooperation and collaboration between employment organisations, especially those working with new migrants.
  • To contribute to the continuing professional development of employment support workers who work with new migrants to develop skills for job seeking/employability.

How we will achieve this?

  • Through a series of workshops, we will share and experience some of the tools and interventions used by partner organisations and discuss their practical implementation and impact on the target group.
  • Where possible we will undertake site visits during the workshops, where partners can see the interventions discussed in action.
  • We will evaluate the workshops and share knowledge between partner countries regarding the experiences of participants in using the tools or interventions.
  • We will develop a Wiki ("Facillitators Guide: Practical Support for New Migrants in Job Seeking/Employability") designed to provide support and advice to those working with new migrants. Partners will develop the Wiki collaboratively through the testing and discussion stage in each workshop. 


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