External Resources

There are many programmes and training implemented on a European level available to professionals and migrants and aimed at supporting their employability and integration in society. Check them out!

Programmes supporting Language Skills

L2Paths aims at enhancing migrants’ language skills according to the individual learning style preferences

Mingle aimed at enhancing the social and economic integration of migrants by improving their access to language training courses and other guidance material

Programmes supporting the use of professional competences

AMiCO aims at creating more transparency on the necessary competences in the field of care of the elderly as well as improving the assessment of formal and informal qualifications

MEET is targeted at developing a community health education model and a professional development programme for social and health service providers

Programmes supporting professionals working with migrants

IMMI- Train develops a training and communication tool for HR managers supporting them in their day to day interaction with immigrants

KIM provides resources to organisations supporting migrants in the labour market to strengthen their Social Inclusion and Learning

Programme supporting development of digital skills

FutEur develops a digital competence for migrants/low skilled workers and early school leavers