JEM meeting in Madrid

The next JEM meeting will be organised by UPTA in Madrid on 9 and 10 of April. The following items are on the agenda:

  • a design thinking workshop on entrepreneurship;
  • a mind-mapping hands-on session: marketing my skills;
  • a sample of teaching English to non-native speakers;
  • how to elaborate business strategies built on cultural differences.

To participate contact UPTA.

Next meeting in France

The Greta du Velay will welcome JEM partners on 17-18 november 2014.

Two workshops open to the local practitioners will take place on monday the 7th:

  • 10h-12h30: Supporting the development of language skills for employment of migrants.
  • 14h-17h00: Supporting VET trainers working with migrants through intercultural learning.

You are not a project member and you want to participate please contact us.

The meeting place is on 27 boulevard du Président Bertrand - 43000 Le Puy.

Map of the itinerary from the train station

JEM 2nd meeting, in Spain

Our 2nd meeting was organised by UPTA in Granada on 3rd and 4th of June 2014.  Two workshops were organised, focusing on:

  • Supporting migrants entry into the labour market through self-employment
  • Coaching skills for trainers supporting new migrants in job seeking/employability.

Venue : Calle Fray Leopoldo de Alpandeire, 7

The first meeting in a mind map

A mind map by Valérie Alibert, Greta du Velay, that summarises the first JEM meeting.


Startup meeting in Sheffield

The partners of JEM met on December 4, 2013 in Sheffield.

From left to right: Carmen, Isabel, Marina, Jérôme, Valérie, Marta, Eric

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